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Internship Training Scheme
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The Ultimate Intern-Internship Training Scheme
After several rounds of interviews with ifva team, 37 interns have been selected! Throughout the 8-month Internship Training Scheme, interns will use their creativity to plan and execute in various projects so that they will have an in-depth understanding of visual media. At the Orientation Day, interns gathered at McAulay Studio on 13 February, introducing themselves through different images. They have quickly formed into 4 teams and get ready for a series of challenges!

Interns will be assigned to missions ranging from programme production, advertising and promotion to event management and operation. Each team will have to originate concepts and content, devise plans and present their work at monthly gatherings. ifva team will then select teams which demonstrate the highest level of creativity and feasibility and put their ideas into action. Film professionals and visual media artists will also be invited to hold workshops and share their knowledge and experience with the amateurs.

Interns can get hands-on trainings in different media-related programmes offered by ifva (e.g. ifva Awards Presentation Ceremony, People’s Cinema – Open-air Screening and etc.) for workplace attachment training. Backed by experience and equipped with skills, they are on their way to becoming all-round programme organizers!

Project Aims
  • to enhance the understanding of image media through various internship training courses﹔
  • to widen the artistic horizon through exchanges with artists and understanding their creative process﹔
  • build up network with like-minded people﹔
  • to get ready for a career in image media by learning from veterans in the field﹔
  • to experience the working environment of the image media field through participation in the ifva Award Presentation Ceremony organising committee, the annual FILMART, and organisation of Jockey Club ifva Everywhere – ifva Carnival in September 2016.

2016 Upcoming Events
  • Feb – Mar - The 21st ifva festival
  • Feb - Media Arts Exhibition cinema 2.0
  • Mar - FILMART
  • Jul – Aug - 48-hour Film Challenge
  • Sep - ifva Carnival

  • no restrictions on age and qualification
  • dedication, 1000% engagement
  • unlimited creativity and energy
  • sociable and social media practitioner (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat…)
  • interested in image media, and reporting about them
  • basic skills in design software (AL/InDesign/Photoshop) will be an advantage
  • brief skills in editing software (Final cut pro/ Adobe premiere) will be an advantage
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