Media Art Category Finalist

the ebb and flow of...

To Tsz-sum Janice (Hong Kong)

This is a two-channel video work with two moving images placed opposite to each other. The videos simulate “mountains” and “waters”, in which the mountain-like scene is simulated with wave simulation tool, while the water-like scene is simulated with landscape models. It is a question of representation: are they mountains, waters, or neither of them? The scenes in seamless loop highlights the quality of transience and eternal changes in objects in time.
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6/3 (Tue) - 20/3 (Tue)|12nn - 8pm|Pao Galleries|Free Admission|Exhibition opening and Media Art Category Awards Presentation at 6:30pm on 6/3

Artist’s Statement

The work seeks a crevice between one’s perception of the real world and the media world of simulation and fragments, where the “truth” is believed to lie in. Inspired by the saying in Zen philosophy, “mountains are mountains, waters are waters”, it discusses about the belief after enlightenment – the eternal and impermanent qualities in things. The work is an experience to explore and re-examine our perception, questioning what is visible in moving images.