Media Arts Category Finalist


Kanno So, Takahiro Yamaguchi / Japan

This work consists of a series of original drawing machines and a system that integrate factors like observers and environment with movements of the drawing modules. The purpose of such robotic system is to, paradoxically, explore the meaning of “human creativity”, which we hypothesise to consist of imitation, learning and contingencies. Therefore this work takes the form of a trilogy.

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25/2 – 12/3 | 12nn – 8pm | Pao Galleries | Free Admission | Discussion session and exhibition opening on 25/2 4:30pm and 6:30pm respectively

Artist’s Statement

We made original drawing machines for this work. We try to raise questions by focusing on the differences between human and robots by showing how robots draw and the process of drawing. Our drawing machines draw autonomously with some unpredictable elements, such as the use of spray, high-pressure washer or ball point pen. They are unlike printers which rely on ink-jet and would print out the exact images that people see on the screen.