CINEMA 2.0 Media Arts Exhibition: Counter Visions
26/2 (Wed) – 23/3 (Mon) | 12nn - 8pm | Pao Galleries | Free Admission | Opening on 26/2 (Wed) 6:30pm

Programme Reschedule Announcement

Due to the spread of novel coronavirus, CINEMA 2.0 Media Arts Exhibition: Counter Visions originally scheduled to be held on 26 Feb (Wed) to 23 Mar (Mon) 2020 at the Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre will be cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. The programme will be rescheduled, and further announcements will be made at our Facebook page. Stay tuned!

There is always an assumption that cinema won’t be what it is without images. Cinema is highly ocular-centric. It prioritises sight over other senses. Each heart-touching film places the utmost emphasis on visuality. However, without eyes, will it still be possible to watch a film? Are solely eyes being used to perceive different emotions in cinema? This year ifva presents works by three artists. Each work has its own story. They create cinematic experience that doesn’t center on vision and allows the senses other than sight come into play. Emotions are evoked from the outside to the inside, yet the stirring ones are still there.

Ip Yuk-yiu
Featured Artists:
Cod.Act (Switzerland)
Sarah Sitkin (United States)
Kyle McDonald (United States)
Matt Mets (United States)
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πTon/2 (2017)
πTon/2 is a sound installation that features a flexible enclosed ring set in motion by the torsional motors inside its body. By twisting and waving on itself, the piece moves in with a natural but unpredictable pattern...
Blind Self Portrait (2012)
Kyle McDonald, Matt Mets
(United States)
Blind Self Portrait uses computer vision algorithms to build a contour drawing of the visitor. While the visitors keep their eyes shut, a moving platform guides a pen in their hands to draw their self-portraits. The result is a machine-aided drawing, a self-portrait they could never draw alone...

29/2 (Sat) | 2pm | Curator Guided Tour (Cantonese)

1/3 (Sun) | 4pm | Curator Guided Tour (English)


Curator Ip Yuk-yiu will lead the guided tours and share with visitors his curatorial concepts.
The 25th ifva Awards
Media Art Category Finalist Exhibition

It features ten works from across Asia. They are about personal experiences, memories, observations and sentiments of the artists. Different elements such as sounds, lights, mechanics, virtual reality are used in the installations to convey their own stories and messages, inviting the audience to wander between virtuality and reality.

26/2 (Wed) - 23/3 (Mon) | 12nn – 8pm | Pao Galleries | Free Admission | Exhibition opening and Media Art Category Awards Presentation at 6:30pm on 26/2
As You Were Here
Pan I-an
The artist’s mom is a knitting expert who used to hand knit clothes for the artist when she was little. She is also a traditional mom who worries and nags a lot. In this work, the artist transforms the words her mom used to nag into wearable e-textiles...
Liu Chang
Bystander is a Cinematic VR installation that allows the audience to step on the shoes of a traumatised girl being abused in childhood...
Connection Disturbance
Tam Kai-fung
(Hong Kong)
The installation is exploring the sentimental part of human expressions. It tries to intervene in our communication and concretises our insignificant emotional change into object-to-object interaction, as to create a new spoken language from generating sound effect disturbances.
Devenir Space
Hsu Hsun-hsiang
Devenir Space is an immersive space-installation artwork. With the involvement of the media, the realities and the realities of space will be reconstructed by revealing and implying all the possible exist lines in space...
InkFlux - Freeland
Chris Cheung (h0nh1m)
(Hong Kong)
InkFlux is a state infused with Zen, it breaks down the convention that leaving white space for the “emptiness” in traditional Chinese painting...
Witaya Junma
Life/Time is an interactive installation of moving images applied the persistence of vision technique on drinking glasses. It is designed for participants to wet their fingers and press the rim of each glass. With that pressure the glass will spin and create a sound...
Mind Cut
Tung Wing-hong
(Hong Kong)
The rapid rotation of screens created its own space and overlapped with the routine of a spinning light. An indescribable thought flashes through a confused mind. He missed and never grasped this spark of light.
Kwong Wai-yi
(Hong Kong)
RUINLIZATION I: Signal 2.0 is a world-building sound installation, comprised of motor and raw materials, to produce the soundscape that imagined a perception of ruin...
The Dream Machine
L306D Dream Team - Wong Chun-hoi, Ding Cheuk-laam, Lai Chung-man, Lam Kin-choi, Lau Ching-wa, Lok Man-chung, Yeung Ming-him, Yan Wai-yin Winnie
(Hong Kong)
The Dream Machine is a physical object-collage. The artwork can be described as a second-order cybernetics system, inspired by one story from Chang Shi-kuo’s Nebula Suite, whose title literally means “the romance of a snipped dream”...
Vacuum Cleaners
Lai Kuan-yuan
Vacuum Cleaners is an air pollution-themed VR interactive game. In a virtual world full of haze, not only do they need to save those who have severely infected by polluted air,but also interact with those rescued people...
To the end for the beginning, the heaviness of my heart
Media Arts Exhibition by Carla Chan

Carla Chan was born in Hong Kong and is currently residing in Berlin. Her work Between Happening won the Silver Award of the 24th ifva Awards Media Art Category. By using black and white colour, magnet and iron powder, she built a time-based kinetic installation. Each movement reveals different landscapes. It’s like a record of how human profoundly affects the environment. Living in Berlin now, she still feels connected to the place where she grew up. A tremendous change is undergoing.

She received news from all over the place, and felt a lot after learning the current situation in Hong Kong. When she was back, she experienced more chaos and helplessness that couldn't be described in words.

In this exhibition, Carla decides to use her works to raise a question: what will human be rewarded under repeated destructions and reconstructions?

The installations are Carla’s emotion in response to the present. Black and white are used as the main colour tones. Four installations can function independently, yet they are somehow connected. They form a recurring cycle in which we can view the installations from different perspectives. Similarly, in the real world, each can interpret the same thing differently about whether it is a truth or a lie. 

The kinetic installation of the four pieces of work shows different result. Each component or scratch on the surface is a record of history. Mechanical, iron powder and magnet construct the city landscape and its silhouette. It is destroyed and reconstructed, over and over again. Each change is irreversible.


6/2 (Thu) – 21/3 (Sat) | 10am – 7pm (Mon-Fri)|Goethe-Gallery & Black Box Studio, Goethe-Institut Hongkong |Free Admission

Opening : 6/2 (Thu) | 7pm

Carla Chan 

Carla Chan obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. She works with a variety of media including video, installation, photography and interactive media. Much like the never-ending development of new technology, Chan considers media art as a medium with infinite possibilities for artistic expressions.

Minimal in style and form, Chan’s works often toys with the blurred boundaries between reality and illusion, figure and abstraction.