In this time of pandemic fatigue and depression, a happy ending has never seemed so distant. May we sneak around on impulse, leap into the realm of the unknown, and be brave enough to see what’s going to happen next.
Entrants from different Asian countries and regions were received. Together with short films, animations and media artworks from Hong Kong talents, they have made spontaneous responses to intertwining issues under the new normal, such as staying alive and death, separation and reunion, memories and reality.
Media arts exhibition CINEMA 2.0: Illuminating Vacuum re-examines the complex relation of how the screen serves as a medium in the real world. Solo exhibition of Lo Lai-lai Natalie, awardee of the 26th ifva Media Art Category Gold Award, explores the conflicts and wrestlings among humans and nature through a collection of new media artworks. For the Chroma 11 Creative Sharing and VR Preview Session, director Tsang Tsui-shan will be sharing alongside her creative team on the collaborations among art forms and how technology has enlightened the project. Hong Kong Animators, Assemble! Roundtable invites Hong Kong animators from different generations to look into the past and give shapes to the possible future, and open up a new horizon for Hong Kong animation.