Animation Category Finalist


Cheung Tsz-shing

Col / 6' 45" / No dialogue and subtitles

A cicada disappointed by its own voice decides to fall asleep, when a squirrel wakes him up. Taken to an unrelated kingdom, the cicada explores his new potential while the squirrel realises that he can help to recover the forest. A rendezvous which teams up a pair of unexpected partners leads them to a new ending.

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Finalist Showcase: 3/3 (Thu) | 7:30pm | agnès b. CINEMA | DCP | 59’ | HK$ 65/35* | With after-screening discussion

Artist’s Statement

Fascinated by books, films and music, freshly graduated from the School of Communication of the Hong Kong Baptist University, majoring in Digital Graphic Communication. Now a freelancer, I hope to take all job opportunities as the lab for trying out new media and new ideas.