Media Art Category Finalist Showcase

Portable Art Vending Machine

Chu Yiu-wai (Hong Kong)

The work functions as any vending machine. People insert money to activate the gadget to draw. Each participant who invests develops the piece and helps the artist survive. With more people investing, the machine becomes a medium of transaction for the artist, the viewer/collaborator and the work. Participants are invited to think about how such investments enrich the artistic ecosystem.

9 – 29/3 | 12nn – 8pm | Pao Galleries | Free Admission | Exhibition opening and Media Art Category Awards Presentation at 6:30pm on 9/3

Artist’s Statement

The arrival of the Art Basel had great impact to the Hong Kong art scene. The relationship between art and money is changing the context of local art. In my art practice, the transaction is about development of relationship, trust and hope. By this simple action, people can affect the art market outside the gallery or art fair. My art machine explores the aesthetics of mechanic to see some kind of system clearly.