Jury Recommendation
Forensic dreamer
Ng Yik-hang
Hong Kong / Col / 1'00" / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitle

Youth Category / Recommended by Lau Ho-leung
During class-time, a student falls asleep and dreams of being a forensic detective investigating on a dead body. What he finds is his own academic report. “With such grades how can you deduce my cause of death?” The dead body questions him. He wakes up in fear and realises he will not be able to reach his goal if he does not study hard. Finally, with enduring endeavour, he becomes a forensic detective 20 years later. This time the corpse gives him a “like” as a recognition: if you work hard, you will achieve your dream in the end.
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Programme 3
5/3 (Sun) | 4:30pm | Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Space Museum | HD | 57′ | Free Admission