Cinema 2.0: Acrylic Dreams

Umbilical Digital (2018)

::vtol:: (Russia)

Moscow, 2018. Commissioned by LABORATORIA Art&Science Foundation special for DAEMONS IN THE MACHINE exhibition @ MMOMA.
Umbilical Digital project is a kind of farm where special algorithm that runs on arduino board “cares about” digital nurslings – Japanese Tamagotchi toys. Viewing condition of every nursling, the system performs all the necessary manipulations to support “life” and “good spirit” of digital animals. Through simulation of pressing the buttons, the system behaves like an ideal careful host, and a pet exists as if it was nursed by a human.
This work is an example of Technocenosis – an artificial system limited in time and space, a community of mechanisms with links and common goals, allocated for the purposes of design or construction. The term was introduced by analogy with the biocenosis.
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