CINEMA 2.0 Media Art Exhibition: The Phantom Machine

CINEMA 2.0 at ifva aspires to push the cinematic form in order to explore its new creative frontiers. This year’s “CINEMA 2.0: The Phantom Machine” will focus on cinema’s unique role as a practical archival medium and a symbolic time machine. The exhibition will feature four innovative works that use sound, sight, smell and more in bringing about reflections on the intertwining relationships among media technology, history and temporality.

When happenings come at a speed that human memory can no longer grasp and retain, we human beings have developed phonography, photography and cinema to record and represent what once happened. Cinema resembles a time machine that captures and crystalises a certain moment, or even allows the viewer to go back to the past. The four artworks in the exhibition, possessing certain cinematic qualities, resist the passage of time each in its own way like cinema.

Ip Yuk-yiu

Featured Artists:
Polymorf (The Netherlands)
Phil Solomon (United States)
Verena Friedrich (Germany)

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9/3 – 29/3 | 12nn – 8pm | Pao Galleries | Free Admission | Opening on 9/3 6:30pm
Famous Deaths (2014)
(The Netherlands)
Famous Deaths is an innovative way of documentary storytelling where you experience intimate moments as smell tableau in first-person perspective...
American Falls (2010)
Phil Solomon
American Falls is an immersive triptych film installation that can transform the gallery into a panoramic and artistic journey through the catacylsms of American history...
Verena Friedrich
THE LONG NOW aims at extending the life span of a soap bubble. A machinery generates a bubble, sends it to a chamber with a controlled atmosphere and keeps it there in suspension for as long as possible...
Verena Friedrich
The installation VANITAS MACHINE addresses the desire for eternal life and the potential of life-prolonging measures...
11/3 | 4 – 5pm | Curator Guided Tour and Artist Sharing
Curator Ip Yuk-yiu will lead the guided tour and share with visitors his curatorial concepts. Verena Friedrich from Germany will also be present to talk about her works.
The 22nd ifva Awards
Media Art Category Finalist Showcase
Elements in this year’s entries range from music generated by unexpected means, optical projection and mechanical motion, to fundamentals of living things like plants’ photosynthesis and human’s heartbeat. Physical and biological principles may be just as telling about human society through the many possibilities of media arts.
9 – 29/3 | 12nn – 8pm | Pao Galleries | Free Admission | Exhibition opening and Media Art Category Awards Presentation at 6:30pm on 9/3
Abstract Violence
Caner Cihad
Abstract Violence questions the impossibility of representing violence. The project uses real footages that were shot by the artist in Syria during the recent war...
ak7 shou3
Cheuk Wing-nam
(Hong Kong)
ak7 shou3 is composed by a violin and a cassette player. The bridge of the violin is attached to a magnetic head, and the cassette tape would become the violin bow....
C6H12O6 + O2
Irene Agrivina
C6H12O6+O2 uses the symbiotic relation between Azolla, a unique water fern, and Anabaena (Cyanobacteria). Cyanobacteria is the only species that can perform oxygen-generating photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation...
Floating Paper
Junya Kataoka
A paper slowly descends in a transparent box. This work operates without any special mechanism like a blower or a magnet, and the paper falls solely because of gravity...
Ghost in the Sellotape
Junya Kataoka
Shadow of a scotch tape is projected by a magic lantern machine made of a high power LED, a lens and a motor. When the motor winds the scotch tape slowly, the shadow slides accordingly...
Lau Ching-wa
(Hong Kong)
Glimpses is a video installation, presenting a series of changes in sunlight that the artist encountered in her studio...
Heartmonic (heart + harmonic)
Lisa Park
(South Korea)
This performance involved eight participants, each connected to a heart rate sensor and their heartbeats controlled an assigned instrument...
Portable Art Vending Machine
Chu Yiu-wai
(Hong Kong)
The work functions as any vending machine. People insert money to activate the gadget to draw. Each participant who invests develops the piece and helps the artist survive...
Hui Wai-keung
(Hong Kong)
This is a rework of Albrecht Dürer’s three well- known engravings. I am convinced that the ancient definitions of inspired melancholy from Pseudo- Aristotle was inscribed on them...
When a Circle Meets the Sky
Chan Ho-choi Carla
(Hong Kong)
It is a video installation reflecting on the intriguing relationships among nature, technology and human agency. Shot in Mojave Desert, USA (2012) and Melchsee-Frutt mountain, Switzerland (2016), the video is created by a custom-made weathervane capturing reflections of a mirror determined by wind speed and direction on location...