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ifva organizes courses from time to time, to teach and promote innovative media creation.
Course & Seminar

ifva unceasingly strives to develop and build a brand new force in films and videos. Not only do we provide a platform for active filmmakers to announce and exchange ideas, we also offer a novel dimension to foster new breeds of talent for the creative industry. Competitions are not the be all and end all of creative endeavors. The point of establishing competitions is to encourage participants to continually develop new ideas and create new works. Opening up more opportunities and space for creativeness has always been ifva’s goal.

greenlab was founded during the 12th ifva, as an annual event for newcomers to the media scene to put make ideas into actual artworks. We collaborate with various organisations and units as creative partners – for instances, Greenpeace and Jade Dynasty Group Limited, Gold Typhoon, Hong Kong Film Archive – in the hopes of offering greater creative and practical experience for talented artists.

We are happy to explore opportunities for possible collaboration with companies and organisations. Interested in creative partnership, please contact us to discuss.


Young and talented local artists and audience members are invited to join ifva+ discussions to share their ideas and inspiration with one another. Guests invited in the past:Pang Ho Cheung, Heiward Mak, Wong Ching Po, Yan Yan Mak, Barbara Wong, Cheuk Wan Chi, Hung Keung, Peter Ng, Eric Kot, MC Jin, Vernie Yeung, siuhak, etc.

ifva Supported Project

ifva encourages creativity! Over the years, ifva has committed to nurture independence and creativity for the visual media community. In 2010, ifva begins to support projects/works of our alumni, from planning to execution, from production to promotion.

ifva Preview

ifva has always been supportive of a new force of creative visuals, where anyone can compete on the platform of ifva, and winners may gain the chance of sharing their work with others, receiving applause from local and overseas audiences. Many directors have successfully emerged from ifva, to become well-known and even attempt to make long films or get involved in other media creations. In our 15th edition, ifva opened a new programme of ifva preview, inviting alumni and judges of ifva to share their accomplishments with us.