2020 is the year of new normal. But if we persevere in such a difficult time, even the rarest flower would bloom in the end.

Entrants from 26 different Asian countries and regions were received. In terms of short films, animations and media artworks, various cross-cultural issues ranging from livelihood, gender to politics were depicted. While the pandemic remains severe, moving images become the indispensable work of art for creative talents to express and record the moment.
Media art exhibition Cinema 2.0:Counter Visions departs from the visual-driven way of experiencing media artworks, imagining differently the relationships between the eye and the media. Solo exhibition of Chris Cheung(h0nh1m), awardee of the 25th ifva Media Art Category Special Mention, features installation pieces to bring the struggle between technology and human memories into discussion.
Two master classes focus on moving images and music: multi-award winning composer Peter Kam will talk about film music motifs and visual narrative; music video director Welby Chung will extend his conversation with music producer Edward Chan on the culture of pop music and music video. Two sessions of online People Cinema will showcase early works by Taiwanese animator Joe Hsieh and film director John Hsu respectively, with both of them being Golden Horse winners and ifva awardees. Ethnic minority students from “All About Us” and director Ryan Chan produced short film The Poem of Pakistan in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the education programme, with the film being an honest depiction of local ethnic minority youth.