Media Art Category Finalist Showcase

The Dream Machine

L306D Dream Team - Wong Chun-hoi, Ding Cheuk-laam, Lai Chung-man, Lam Kin-choi, Lau Ching-wa, Lok Man-chung, Yeung Ming-him, Yan Wai-yin Winnie (Hong Kong)

The Dream Machine is a physical object-collage. The artwork can be described as a second-order cybernetics system, inspired by one story from Chang Shi-kuo’s Nebula Suite, whose title literally means “the romance of a snipped dream”. The story describes a time in the future whereby a “dream service”, blending neuroscience, virtual reality and dreaming, gains popularity among a city’s residents. Through its plot and dialogues, Chang’s story opens up themes about art, creativity, imagination and technology.

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Finalist Exhibition: 26/2 (Wed) - 23/3 (Mon) | 12nn – 8pm | Pao Galleries | Free Admission
Exhibition opening and Media Art Category Awards Presentation at 6:30pm on 26/2

Artist’s Statement

By fusing a spectrum of machines with a patching system, the installation seeks to propose a possible reading of the original short story. It addresses the specific content of dreams and personal identities as audiovisual content. It raises issues of autonomy, censorship and surveillance through processual rules and principles embedded in our design of panel control. We highlight the cross-disciplinary requirement in setting up a dream surveillance room — through the design of interfaces, consoles and overall connectivity of the installation.