The 18th ifva x Adobe Seminar: ‘Creativity Switch’

Left: ©Zhang Yunjing’s Ni Shi Wei Yi MV, Chung Wai-kuen
Middle: ©Bruce Lee, Zcratch Creation
Right: ©Dao Gives Birth to One(version III), Hung Keung

19 / 10 / 2012  | 7:30 – 10:00pm | agnès b. CINEMA, Hong Kong Arts Centre | Conducted in Cantonese | Free Admission
Seats to be served on first-come-first- served basis

Cross-disciplinary and often technology-driven, digital media and moving images challenge their traditional definitions and develop new modes of perceptions. ifva emphasizes creativity and independent while Adobe celebrates artistic innovation, together we bring you a seminar on October 19 evening at the newly renovated agnès b. CINEMA .

New media artist and University Professor Hung Keung’s interactive works provide audiences with a refreshing and contemporary perspective on traditional Chinese philosophy, painting and calligraphy. He will explain how he connects Chinese philosophy with Western methodology. Chung Wai Kuen, Welby, a MV and TVC director and the founder of Crossfade Creative Ltd., will explain how his unique style in visual media comes all the way from his knowledge in animation and motion graphics. Young rising animators Tsui Ka-hei and Tsui Ka-long from Zcratch Creation will share their creative stories and observations in digital entertainment and moving images. Their award-winning animation works as well as the making of ifva trailer suggest integration of adopting several animation techniques. As a renowned Hong Kong cinematographer and the stereographer of Mark Wu’s recent 3D feature film “Due West: Our Sex Journey”, Henry Chung has lengthy background in cinematography and stereoscopic cinematography, lighting, special effects and color grading. He will show how to enhance visuals of a motion picture through the color grading technique. Ernest Wong, Digital Media Solutions Consultant from Adobe Systems Hong Kong will demonstrate stunning features in the most up-to-date software and how to use it creatively.



Henry Chung

  • Best Cinematography, Peony Pavillion, The 4th Deauville Asian Film Festival
  • Best Cinematography, Peony Pavillion, The 7th Golden Bauhinia Awards

Chung Wai Kuen, Welby

  • The 9th ifva Awards – Animation Category Gold Award My Dear Flower winner

Chung is the founder and director of Crossfade Creative Ltd. He practiced Hip Hop Dance since undergraduate study, was graduated in BA Visual Communication in Design and Master of Design from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and he started his animation and digital graphic design career in 1996. Prior to founding Crossfade Creative, Chung worked as an animator in music channel in TV Station, visual effect animator and as an art director. With a unique combination of animation and motion graphics design skills, he has developed his own style of visual design and was moved to be television commercials, music videos director and graphic design in 2008. He is a MV director for brands including Microsoft, SONY, Nokia, Acuvue, Lucozade, Joyce, Qeelin and Tough Jean etc. and artists including Leo KU, Twins, Edmond LEUNG, 24Herbs, Gem TANG, Chrissie CHAU, Louis CHEUNG, Regen@Hotcha and ZHANG Yunjing. More info:

Awards and Screenings Record:

Ah Bob the Second (2007)

  • Hong Kong ICT Awards 2008: Best Digital Entertainment (Digital Animation) Award, Certificate of Merit (Hong Kong)

That’s me (2007) (Artists: Welby CHUNG, Frankie CHUNG, Chu Chu, Crossfade Creative)

  • Music video included on the album of I Exist by Paul WONG (Hong Kong)
  • Nomination of Best Music Video Director, The 19th Golden Melody Awards (Taiwan)
  • The 10th DigiCon6 Awards: Hong Kong Region Second Runner Up (Japan)

My Dear Flower (2004)

  • The 9th ifva Awards-Animation Category Gold Award (Hong Kong)
  • Jury Recommendation Award, The 3rd South Taiwan Film and Video Festival (Taiwan)
  • Screening, The 28th Hong Kong International Film Festival (Hong Kong)
  • Screening, The 9th Busan international Film Festival (Wide Angle) (South Korea)

Hung Keung

  • Award for Best Artist (Media Arts), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2010
  • the 12th ifva Awards – Single-Screen-Based Interactive Media Category Special Mention Bloated City|Skinny Language winner
  • The 4th ifva Awards – Others Category Gold Award Transmigration winner
  • The 3rd ifva Awards – Others Category Distinguished Award FOREST winner
  • The 3rd ifva Awards – Others Category Special Prize (Video) Love winner

Since 1995, Hung Keung has been involved in the creative and research aspects of film, video and new media art internationally. HUNG graduated from the Swire School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; the Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design with an MA (Film & Video), United Kingdom. Later he worked as full-time artist and lecturer in United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Denmark while he presented a series of video and interactive technology art works which drew incredible international attentions and won several international new media arts awards.

In recognition of his international achievement on new media art, HUNG was awarded “President’s Awards for Outstanding Performance/ Achievement 2001 (Research and Scholarly Activities Award)” in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; “Deutscher Akademicscher Austausch Dienst Scholarship” in Germany and “Asian Cultural Council Fellowship” in the United States. More, he was a visiting scholar at the Centre for Art and Media (ZKM) in Germany.

Through his active participation in numerous overseas exhibitions and academic activities, HUNG shows a wide range of art works in different forms of art such as drawing, animation, video, short films and interactive arts. Currently he is a PhD candidate at The Planetary Collegium, Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), Switzerland. In 2005, HUNG Keung founded innov+media lab (imhk lab), focuses on new media art and design research in relation to Chinese philosophy and interactivity.

Awards, Screenings and Exhibitions Record:

2010  Award for Best Artist (Media Arts), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2010 (Hong Kong)
2009  Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards – Achievement Awards (Video art and Digital Art) (Hong Kong)
2007  Award for Outstanding Young Artist (Film and Media Arts), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2007 (Hong Kong)
2006  Special Mention, the 12th ifva Awards –Single-Screen-Based Interactive Media Category (Hong Kong)
2006  Best of Code Award, Microwave New Media Arts Festival 2006 (Hong Kong)
2002  Video Competition: Special Reward (New Media), Split International Festival of New Film 2000 (Croatia)
2001  Special Mention Interactive CDROM Award, e-phos 2001: The 3rd International Festival of Film and New Media (Greece)
1999   Gold Award, The 4th ifva Awards – Others Category (Hong Kong)
1998   Distinguished Award, The 3rd ifva Awards – Others Category (Hong Kong)
1998   Special Prize (Video), The 3rd ifva Awards – Others Category (Hong Kong)
1998   Best Short Ambient Video Award, BBC British Short Film Festival 1998 (United Kingdom)
1998   Best of EMAF, European Media Art Festival 1998 (Germany)

Tsui Ka Hei, Tsui Ka Long

  • Representative of Zcratch Creation
  • The 13th ifva Awards-Animation Category Special Mention Wisdom Tree winner
  • The 11th ifva Awards-Animation Category Special Mention Who cares winner
  • The 10th ifva Awards-Animation Category Special Mention Kill AL winner

Zcratch Creation Profile

Team – TSUI Ka-hei, TSUI Ka-long, Bemy CHAN and HO ka-ho

Zcratch Creation, founded in 2006, is a multi-awarded multimedia creative group in Hong Kong, focusing on digital entertainment and moving image. Since 2005, the team has started to create award-winning animations across different media. Their works have been widely exhibited and presented locally and internationally, in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Europe and North America, including

  • Puff the Magic Dragon (2010) — The 16th ifva Awards-Animation Category Silver Award (Hong Kong)
  • Wisdom Tree (2008) — The 13th ifva Awards-Animation Category Special Mention (Hong Kong)
  • Who cares      (2006) — The 11th ifva Awards-Animation Category Special Mention (Hong Kong)
  • Kill AL                 (2005) — The 10th ifva Awards-Animation Category Special Mention (Hong Kong)

Production work for ifva:

  • 18th ifva — Key visual image design and trailers production
  • 17th ifva — Call for entry trailer production
  • This is not the end, ifva’s greenlab 2011-2012 commissioning project (creative partner: Employees Retraining Bureau)
  • Taste the Life, ifva’s greenlab 2010-2011 commissioning project (creative partner: 7-Eleven)

Awards and Screenings Record:

Taste the Life(2011)

  • Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012 : Best Digital Entertainment Award – Animation (Open Category) Silver Award (Hong Kong)
  • Prize of Effort, The 13th DigiCon6 Awards: Hong Kong Region (Japan)
  • Certificate of Excellence, The 5th Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival 2011 (Hong Kong)

Puff the Magic Dragon(2010)

  • “Honorary Mention” (International Competition), up-an-coming Festival Hannover (Germany)
  • Official selection (International Competition), 2011 interfilm International Film Festival, Berlin (Germany)
  • Panorama screening, OPEN CINEMA International Film Festival (Russia)
  • Official selection, Mumbai International Film Festival 2012 (India)
  • Asia program screening, Ex!t Experimental Media Art Festival 2010 (Taiwan)
  • The 3rd Seoul International Extreme-Short Film Image & Film Festival (South Korea)
  • Selected work of Division II: “CG Animation Theater”, AsiaGraph 2011, Tokyo (Japan)

Wisdom Tree(2008)

  • Best Digital Animation (Student and Independent) Award, Hong Kong ICT Awards 2008: Best Digital Entertainment Awards (Hong Kong)
  • Certificate of Merit of Best Digital Animation (Student and Independent) Award, Hong Kong ICT Awards 2008: Best Digital Entertainment Awards (Hong Kong)
  • Prize of Effort, The 10th DigiCon6 Awards: Hong Kong Region (Japan)

Ernest Wong

  • Digital Media Solutions Consultant, Adobe

Ernest Wong joined Adobe in 2012 and he is now the Digital Media Solutions Consultants responsible for Hong Kong and Macau region. His job duties are mainly customer presentation and demonstrations on Adobe Solutions, giving customers professional advices and trainings.

Besides, Ernest also supports local creative industries by participating in all activities such as solutions seminars, training courses and overseas exchange programmes.

Ernest graduates as a Bachelor in Systems Engineering in CUHK and finished his Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering in HKUST.