Animation Category Finalist
Chill and Shivering

Vincent Yip, Kwok Wai-chung Philip

Col / 10'16" / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles
A story about a typical geek who lives in his own world obsessed with computers, models and dolls, and who occupies an old rented flat. One night, something strange happens. Unaware that the dwelling was formerly a shop providing Chinese herbal medical service, his surrounding turns supernatural and leads to a life-changing experience.
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Finalist Showcase: 16/3 (Thu) | 7:30pm | Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema | DCP | 47’ | HK$ 65/35* | With after-screening discussion
The theme of the work is "to communicate with people around us", especially those we love and those who love us. If our work could inspire anyone to communicate with their beloved ones with a little more happiness and appreciation, and less sadness and regrets, I would be a satisfied man. In our acceptance speech at Tokyo DigiCon6, we mentioned that "our relationship with our parents were so much different from that among our parents and theirs. We want to inspire all the young people out there to communicate and talk properly with our parents and the elders. Sincere communication will make a better world."