Transactions of Desire

Sir You Will Doubless Be Astonished/ We Need To Talk About Neil

Laura Morrison

Col / 2’7” / In English with no subtitles

This one guy asked me for my autograph and included his home address. I thought that was pretty off. I'd never give some randomer my home address. Maybe that's bc I'm a girl and vulnerable and I need to be safe. This is an official new movie trailer I made with some good vibes now I hope. So fun - except we did a typo in the credits and was too late to change it. Hope you like my work! (The other guy, Neil no.2 is really cool. If you need copywriting stuff in Sheffield or Manchester you should def use him:

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18/3 (Fri) | 7:30pm | agnès b. CINEMA | Blu-ray | 75′ | Free admission | With after-screening discussion