Media Art Category Finalist

The Musical Instruments

Tse Chun-sing (Hong Kong)

I have learnt different musical instruments but was never good at any of them. I wasted my parents’ efforts but I could never really explain to them... After all these years, I dismantle those old instruments, and with my personal preference and mechatronics techniques, reform them into a series of sound- making devices. By using these reformed instrument parts and music theory, my own sound is produced to perform a piece that was never heard before.

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6/3 (Tue) - 20/3 (Tue)|12nn - 8pm|Pao Galleries|Free Admission|Exhibition opening and Media Art Category Awards Presentation at 6:30pm on 6/3

Artist’s Statement

The series not only reasons to my family why I stopped learning to play any musical instrument, but also responses to the restrictions I find within. I detached the instruments I had once learnt, taking away their original functions and designs, then I reassembled the parts into another device with my interest in shapes. I try to break the standards in instruments, and redefine it in my own way.