"All About Us" is a creative filmmaking project for ethnic minorities in Hong Kong since 2009. Organised by the Hong Kong Arts Centre, the project provides free filmmaking education for local ethnic minority youths, through training camps and filming activities, participants will learn from doing and tell their own stories through moving images.

The project has produced numerous shorts filmed and produced by ethnic minority youths with a total of over 600 participants. Register for the “ALL ABOUT US” now!

"ALL ABOUT US" 2 Days 1 Night Creative Camp  

Progrmame includes a 2-day-1-night Creative Camp and 4-5 weeks of film production. Through a series of filming activities, participants will learn from hands-on experience – write screenplays, scout locations, sketch storyboards, try their hands at working with a film set, edit videos and sounds, and discover how to tell their own story through moving images.
Participants will learn from veteran film-makers and professional video artists to produce their own short videos. Selected videos will be screened in public film screenings!

"ALL ABOUT US" Young Filmmaker Mentoring Programme

Young Filmmaker Mentoring Programme is now inviting applications from EM youths who have intent of fostering their careers in filmmaking. The programme is committed to developing opportunities for EM youths to share their work, grow storytelling skills and filmmaking knowledge.

The selected applicants will be the director and/or screenwriter in-charge-of, to offer guidance on, and lead the team in the production of short films, from concept and script development to casting, directing, and post-production. To create a 15-minute short film, a professional filmmaker will be assigned to the applicant and offer interactive coaching sessions, and production subsidy will also be granted for production.


"ALL ABOUT US" Film Festival and Exhibition

"ALL ABOUT US" Film Festival was initiated, screening local and overseas works themed around ethnic minorities, aiming to break down the boundaries of race, border, language and gender, and let the voices of diversity be heard.

Held between November to December 2024, the festival will host screenings, exhibition, and talks at the Hong Kong Arts Centre.


>> Programmes will be announced soon, pelase stay tuned for details.

Organised by
ifva, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Supported by
Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council.

Equipment Support
Nikon Hong Kong Ltd.

Programmes are subject to change without prior notice.