Media Art Category Finalist


Katsuki Nogami (Japan)
I asked a female friend to rewrite spam emails with pen and paper because of the strangeness of these funny messages created by bots. But what would you feel if you receive a spam mail handwritten on paper and sealed in an envelope? I also translated them to different languages a few times with Google to generate text distorted by bot.
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6/3 (Wed) - 20/3 (Wed) | 12nn – 8pm | Pao Galleries | Free Admission | Exhibition opening and Media Art Category Awards Presentation at 6:30pm on 6/3

Artist’s Statement

The movie Her features letter-writing service by human beings. I guess handwritten letters are still rare in our real world. The difference between human and AI is heartfelt body movements. When letters are no longer written by hand, letter-writing will be treated as nostalgic body movements and text will be created by AI. This artwork aims to explore the relationship between human and AI. I ended up selling these letters at the Internet Yami-ichi (Internet Black Market), an internet flea market project in Transmediale Berlin and Toronto.