Media Art Category Finalist

codenamehk: shitennou

Ho Him-shun (Hong Kong)
Four separate digital screens show the fragmented memories of Hong Kong pop culture in the 1990s. Inspired by the glitch effect caused by misplacing the different connectors of old CRT TVs, the work features flickering lines that appear according to the rhythm of the sound in the videos, thus turning audio memories into a visual experience. The overflowing of nostalgia is once again represented on the screens.
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6/3 (Wed) - 20/3 (Wed) | 12nn – 8pm | Pao Galleries | Free Admission | Exhibition opening and Media Art Category Awards Presentation at 6:30pm on 6/3

Artist’s Statement

The work tries to translate 90s Cantopop music into a visual experience since we have already too much nostalgia review throughout different media. It tries to provoke the local audiences' guilty pleasure. Let's celebrate the Gen X 90s!!!