CINEMA 2.0 : The Phantom Machine

American Falls (2010)

Phil Solomon / USA

American Falls is an immersive triptych film installation that can transform the gallery into a panoramic and artistic journey through the catacylsms of American history, and an elegy to the film medium that welcomes a new era of mixed media. Combining chemically degraded film images with computer editing precision, Solomon’s piece recasts the Niagara Falls as both a metaphoric landscape and audio-visual backdrop to American history.

Conception, Direction, and Editing - Phil Solomon
Sound Design - Wrick Wolff, with additional sound design by Robert Rich and Phil Solomon 5.1 and Stereo Mixes - Wrick Wolff
Alchemy - Phil Solomon, Jessica Betz, and Katie Konrad
Optical Printing - Phil Solomon and Jessie Marek
Technical Advisor - Christopher Osborn

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