Asian New Force Category Finalist Showcase


Nir Berger (Israel)

Col / 25' 24" / No dialogue with English subtitles

A dark romantic comedy in the age of social media without spoken dialogue but text messages. Adele is an aggressive, self-conscious 17-year-old girl who spends most of her time trolling her classmates online. When she is hit on by another internet troll, Uri, they flirt until one day he urges her to send a picture in which she is actually visible. But instead of sending her own picture, Adele sends Uri a picture of a random pretty girl from Syria, sparking another unexpected relationship.

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Finalist Showcase: 6/3 (Fri) | 7:15pm | Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre | HK$ 65/40* | With after-screening discussion | Moderator: Didi Wu

Artist’s Statement

This is a film about the digital era and what it does to human communication – for teens, but also for all of us. I think this subject has not been discussed enough in films, considering its significance in our lives. Hopefully, everybody in the world can show more compassion towards other generations, and also towards ourselves.