Youth Category Finalist Showcase

Bravocado Oliventure

Leung Man-hei Abby, Li Yan-wing, Chu Chi-ching, Deng Po-yan, Kok Sin-yau, Chan Yuk-kiu

Col / 07’59” / No dialogue and subtitles

June is the month of avocado. To celebrate this important date, the whole kitchen is decorated with avocados, where avocado becomes the new superstar of Bronterian's Kitchen. Olive, on the other hand, is desperate to make big dreams come true. What will happen if they meet? Can olive realise its grand ambition?

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Finalist Showcase: 11/3 (Sat) | 1:30pm | Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre | DCP | 96' | HK$ 80/64* | With post-screening discussion