Youth Category Finalist Showcase

The Toilet Exorcist

Choi Shing-ho

B&W / 18' 35" / In Cantonese with Chinese subtitles

Alan and a group of young people are doing nothing at home everyday. Once, out of curiosity, they try out an urban legend and then attract a monster to attack them. Alan’s life is already bad enough. Being attacked by the monster, will he choose a life even worse or to fight back?

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Finalist Showcase: 29/2 (Sat) | 1pm | Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre | Hong Kong | HK$ 65/40* | With after-screening discussion | Moderator: Wong Yee-mei

Artist’s Statement

This film production cost only $500. I made reference to the film Tetsuko. Since the budget was too low and I didn’t have enough funds to buy props, I made the props myself and used black and white display to cover up the flaws. The props seemed to be more real and could be perceived as a B-movie. It could also give the audience a sense of pressure and blast.