Media Art Category Finalist Showcase

The Puzzle I

Angela Yuen (Hong Kong)

Each plastic object represents the historical development of the city’s manufacturing industries from the 1960s to now. These objects are assembled into a rotating light sculpture, with the silhouettes of objects forming an ever-changing skyline projection on wall. Each diorama is a symbol of the era; each object tells a fascinating story of the factory and local store from where it belonged.

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Finalist Exhibition: 2-14/3 | Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre | Free Admission

Artist’s Statement

Angela Yuen's art practice focuses on urban culture and the theme of Neighbourhood. Yuen highlights the symbolic meaning of her selected found objects and transforms them into her own artistic language. Under rapid urban development, Hong Kong people experience ever-evolving physical and social environment. Through collecting manufactured objects, Yuen rediscovers the human warmth she was once used to as a child growing up in this city. Neighbourhood" is not only a theme of her practice, but also deeply embedded in her creative process.