Youth Category Finalist
The Condemned Eighteen

Fong Lai-hin

B&W / 1' 00" / In Cantonese with Chinese subtitles
A, a heinous criminal, still remains childish approaching eighteen. Is she reluctant to grow up? Those who fail to move forward should be trampled underfoot by the pressing crowd from behind; those who cannot live on their own have no place in the world. They can do nothing but wait for their death as time passes.
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Finalist Showcase﹕18/3 (Sat) | 2pm | Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema | DCP | 70’ | HK$ 65/35* | With after-screening discussion
Duties and stress begin to show up as I am turning eighteen. I still remain childish and naive though. My peers already consider themselves adults and are living a focused life. They talk about their dreams and future while I make no progress. The upcoming eighteen birthday is driving me into a corner.