Media Art Category Finalist Showcase

Living to Die

Hoi In-wai Kelvin (Macau)

The unique journey of new data begins once you browse the website. Starting from the local machine, data travels through numerous nodes and reaches its destination, the web server. This journey only takes a few milliseconds, and then the mission of the data is completed. This artwork presents the travelling path of data instantly and visually, which leads us to a new perspective of death.

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Finalist Exhibition: 2-14/3 | Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre | Free Admission

Artist’s Statement

When people see death, it is usually associated with sorrow and so they are afraid to deal with it. Other than that, same feeling wouldn't be expressed to those which is not as humanand serious like the story here, data. Therefore, this artwork uses the story of data to highlight that death is just part of the process of life. If you view from another perspective, isn't it how the nature goes?