Animation Category Finalist Showcase


Jerrold Chong, Mark Wee (Singapore)
Col / 6'00" / In English with English subtitles
In a dystopian sci-fi society amidst the aftermath of a civil war between Humans and Automatons, an orphan rescues an injured girl from the rumble of violence. As they hide out together in a bunker-like room, their burgeoning friendship gets tested as external agents threaten to fracture how one sees the Other.
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Finalist Showcase: 16/3 (Sat) | 2pm | Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre | HK$ 65/35* | With after-screening discussion

Artists’ Statement

At a time when global changes forces us to fend for ourselves, we question ourselves about our fears of things or people that are foreign to us. When faced with the Other, our fears can be irrational and even reveal who we are deep down. Our main character, Xin is faced with such a situation in an imagined future, but this film challenges the audience to think of how they will react if they were in his shoes.