Media Art Category Finalist Showcase

Give No Words but Mum

Lo Lai Lai Natalie (Hong Kong)

Personal private underground TV station“Slow-so TV: Give No Words but Mum"continues to serve distracted audiences and provides them with programmes to pass time. Thoughts that are uprooted together with the plants and fine debris which are serenely scattered calmly reveal the long-suppressed desires and obsessions. When the audience touches the aluminium foil attached to the plants, TV programmes will be played.

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Finalist Exhibition: 2-14/3 | Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre | Free Admission

Artist’s Statement

The wilderness is gently cultivated and turned into a not very orderly farmland.

The planted fruits and vegetables have been silent. I know that the blossoming ones have jumped onto trucks and upon stoves to sacrifice spectacularly; is this murder, or manslaughter? I can’t tell.