Youth Category Finalist Showcase

A Candle Lights Others and Consumes Itself

Chong Man-chung

Col / 5' 00" /In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

University student Suk-man receives a phone call from her secondary classmate and learns that Chinese History teacher Mr. Kam passed away unfortunately. She recalls the anecdotes in the past: his attentive teaching, perseverance and self-example. All of them inspire Suk-man to study hard and contribute to certain important decision in her life.

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Finalist Showcase: 29/2 (Sat) | 1pm | Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre | Hong Kong | HK$ 65/40* | With after-screening discussion | Moderator: Wong Yee-mei

Artist’s Statement

When most people look back on their studying life, if everything can be restarted, they may find that life can be planned more dynamically. However no matter how perfect the plan is, the path will be changed if you meet some special ones in your life. Who will that be? Will it be a teacher in your life?