Media Art Category Finalist Showcase

Devenir Space

Hsu Hsun-hsiang (Taiwan)

Devenir Space is an immersive space-installation artwork. With the involvement of the media, the realities and the realities of space will be reconstructed by revealing and implying all the possible exist lines in space. Pursuing through the characteristics of this work to explore the relationship of the corporeality, real space and virtual space in this digital explosion age.

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Finalist Exhibition: 26/2 (Wed) - 23/3 (Mon) | 12nn – 8pm | Pao Galleries | Free Admission
Exhibition opening and Media Art Category Awards Presentation at 6:30pm on 26/2

Artist’s Statement

Now we are struggling in the fast flowing digital wave with all the truths and lies. I believe that all we can do in this situation is using our real body to feel the real world and make our own decision. This artwork tries to use a geometrical and physical way to talk about the sensibility and organic present situation in our world. By using the light and space and without any additional devices, the original corporeality experience and the real world can be refocused.