Media Art Category Finalist Showcase


Hui Wai-keung (Hong Kong)

This is a rework of Albrecht Dürer’s three well- known engravings. I am convinced that the ancient definitions of inspired melancholy from Pseudo- Aristotle was inscribed on them. We have three types of melancholy in our lives: imagination, reason, and intellect. I rework the concepts based on my own interpretation, and hack a popular computer game to generate graphics, presented in a three- channel video installation.

9 – 29/3 | 12nn – 8pm | Pao Galleries | Free Admission | Exhibition opening and Media Art Category Awards Presentation at 6:30pm on 9/3

Artist’s Statement

Hui Wai-keung believes that the power of art can create a new universe with alternative possibilities. Thus, he is especially interested in irrational topics such as myth or pseudoscience. He also likes to spend time in the study of aesthetics. Hui Wai-keung believes that it might be time for art to return to sublime, with a new definition of sublime.