Greenpeace 10th Anniversary Commission Event
Greenpeace created ten short animations based on fairy tales to illustrate its ten most significant achievements in the past ten years.
Creative Partner
十年成果十年好戲 – 10 Achievements of Greenpeace / Lilian FU / 7’32’’

ifva x GREENPEACE – 玩具店 / 0’32”

1998, Greenpeace helped protecting the health of infants and children by successfully pushing Toys R Us to announce a removal of all direct-to-mouth infant products containing phthalates PVC.

ifva x GREENPEACE – Electronic Waste / 0’37”

2005, Greenpeace exposed Hong Kong’s role as the staging point for illegal cross-border hazardous electronic waste trade. The resulting media coverage and public attention led to the government’s investigation and clampdown on many e-waste scrap yards in Fanling.

ifva x GREENPEACE – GE rice / 0’29”

From 2005 to 2006, in response to the discovery by Greenpeace that GE rice was not only planted and sold illegally in Hubei Province, it had contaminated rice and baby food, Ministry of Agriculture destroyed some GE rice and GE rices seed. The biodiversity of rice has been protected since commercial planting of GE rice is still unapproved in China now.

ifva x GREENPEACE – 醜小鴨 / 0’33”

1999, after exposure from Greenpeace of the Dongjiang pollution problem, the issue had became a cross-border cooperative issue to be solved by Guangdong and Hong Kong government. We helped to ensure the safety of the water we drink in Hong Kong.

ifva x GREENPEACE – 燈神 / 0’49”

2004, following pressure from Greenpeace, CLP Group, the largest private power company in Asia Pacific Region, committed to set a target for the development of renewable energy — 5 % of their existing generating capacity by 2010, as a major step in helping to resolve global warming.

ifva x GREENPEACE – GE food / 0’44”

2001, Greenpeace published the Shoppers Guide to Avoiding GE food booklet in Hong Kong and Mainland China, protecting consumers against GE food. Up till now, over 300 brands have committed to non-GE ingredients.

ifva x GREENPEACE – Prince charm / 0’30”

2004, Greenpeace disclosed the large-scale illegal destruction of the ancient forest in Yunnan Province has pushed Asia Pulp & Paper’s (APP), the largest pulp and paper company in Mainland vowed that it will “operate legally according to Chinese regulations and policies.”

ifva x GREENPEACE – Vegetables and Fruits / 0’46”

2007, Greenpeace’s pressure has successfully pushed government to commit for reinforcement of regulation towards the residual pesticide of vegetables and fruits sold in Hong Kong.

ifva x GREENPEACE – toxic mud / 0’53”

2000, through non violent direct action and lobbying, Greenpeace successfully stopped the attempt of a Container Terminal 9 contractor to dump toxic mud in the South China Sea. The ecological environment of the water was therefore maintained.

ifva x GREENPEACE – hazardous toxic chemical / 0’58”

2006, following pressure from Greenpeace, HP, Dell, Acer and Lenovo which made up 40% the global computer market committed to eliminate the use of hazardous toxic chemical. This was a big step towards a greener computer industry.