Animation Category Finalist
The Only One

Choi Ka-lee, Siu Yik-hin

Col / 6'18" / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles
A primitive wakes up to find himself in the modern world. Before he is found by archeologist Dolong, he behaves as usual in the city, and is soon arrested for breaking the law with his primeval way of life. Is it justifiable for the modern society to judge this primitive’s ordinary behaviours against the modern yardstick?
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Finalist Showcase: 16/3 (Thu) | 7:30pm | Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema | DCP | 47’ | HK$ 65/35* | With after-screening discussion
Law is meant to protect everyone, but will the method of illustration turn it into a weapon? Are there only black and white in the world of law? Even seemingly well-established legal system may not be able to solve all issues perfectly.