All About Us 2018/19 Student Creative Film Showcase
10/3 (Sun) | 10:30am | Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre | Hong Kong | HD | 95′ | Free Admission | With after-screening discussion and certificate presentation

Where Are You?

Jonathan Abellano, Madhavi Gurung,
Khan Fardin Dipon, Rana Samikshya,
DotDot Alfs Bryan Pabellan, Vu Duc Manh,
Jackey Hang Limbu, Irfan Ahmed,
John Marcus Banday Mase
Col / 15'30" / In English with English subtitles
Sadness. Anger. Frustration. These are the emotions felt by a boy, like any other. Waking up and going to school has been an extreme struggle for him over the past few days. Will he ever break this "blue" cycle?
"36-hour Intensive Shooting Challenge" Showcase

I Love Bacon

Col / 7'56" / In English with English subtitles
Film Genre: Horror
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