ifva has provided a laboratory for creative talents. Works which enter the final round are of course the results of numeral trials. The jurors also want to recommend works that have demonstrated their courage and thoughtfulness in manifesting their ideas to the audience.

“CINEMA 2.0: The Phantom Machine” media art exhibition explores cinema as a media and its relationships with memory and temporality, with works that might be considered as experiments to resist the passage of time. At the same spot works from the Media Art Category of the ifva Awards will be presented.

Creative experiments need a solid foundation of knowledge and vision, and a global horizon helps to lay that. This year ifva collaborates with Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival and Singapore Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film to bring forth “Home and Mobility”. Taiwanese director Shen Ko-shang is also bringing his shorts to share with Hong Kong audience.

ifva is dedicated to nurture the next generation to become daring in experiments with images, through programmes such as “All
About Us”. The Festival is showing films from the project, as well as those from “HONG KONG SHORT FILM: NEW ACTION EXPRESS”.

The “48-hour Film Challenge” under Jockey Club ifva Everywhere is filled with experimental spirits. Eight teams courageously joined
the experiment of pushing the boundary of film production. These shorts will be screened again at the Festival as well.