Justin LO Music Album Shorts
“Love/Nothing to hide”
ifva has collaborated with Gold Typhoon for the first time by bringing together two female award winners—Jessey TSANG and Heiward MAK, who worked with pop star Justin LO on two short videos that combine images and sound in a novel and innovative way to tell a moving yet genuine love story.
Creative Partner

Premiere: 19/3/2010
Venue: agnès b. CINEMA, Hong Kong Arts Centre


Love has no definite form. You can’t see or touch it, yet it can transform itself into touching music and images. Pop star Justin LO partners with two local female directors to create a love story that straddles the real and imaginary. Four strands of sentimental memories crisscross with four real heart-felt stories to form an amorous urban panorama as Justin takes you on a quest for love, a journey that begins with his own self and traverses various corners of the city to explore different relationships.