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ifva showcase: Feeling Refreshed
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25 September 2016 (Sun)

Col / 54’/ In Cantonese, Japanese and Mandarin with Chinese subtitles, partially with English subtitles 

Let’s take a breath of refreshing air! In Cheung Ho-lam’s SOD-032, a Japanese manga-like puppy love romance, a nerdy boy is caught between his crush at school and the female A.I. robot he creates. When the Sun Goes Down by Cheng Kui-sum and Wong Chun-lung follows a pair of ex-lovers wandering around the campus at sunset. Just when we are enjoying the refreshing mood, John Hsu blows up the Taiwanese refreshing style in his The Great Escape from Cafe City (Taiwan), once and for all.


Work Introduction 

Cheung Ho-lam
Col / 25'30" / In Cantonese and Japanese with Chinese and English subtitles

Arisa, a female A.I. programmed by Yosuke, was actualised accidentally. Arisa knows that Yosuke turns into a coward when facing Yuki, the classmate he fancies, so she makes plans for him. Arisa is infected with computer virus and Yosuke fails to recover, so he decides to accomplish his love battle with his own hand.

When the Sun Goes Down
Cheng Kui-sum, Wong Chun-lung
Col / 11′ 22″ / In Cantonese with Chinese subtitles

A pair of ex-lovers is wandering around the campus one random evening. She asks for more while he is afraid of revisiting the past. Love turns into doubt, he wonders if she is really coming back into his arms. Will he leave the past behind? Can we ever get back together again?


The Great Escape From Cafe City
John Hsu
Taiwan / Col / 17'08″ / In Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles

Jim lives a simple life – enjoying coffees, riding bikes and chatting with beautiful cafe waitresses. However, a dramatic occurrence turns everything upside down.