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ifva showcase: In Search of Beauty in Mundanity
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24 September 2016 (Sat)

Col / 44'/ Partially in Cantonese and English with Chinese and English subtitles

Everyday life might not be as mundane as they seem. Stella So's Very Fantastic turns a most common pre-war building in to an imaginative space through her animation. The Chronicle of a Drawing; the Footprints of Time by Wong Cheuk-hin George looks at another everyday life activity - jogging - to explore time and memory. For most Hong Kong families, everyday life inevitably involves domestic helpers to handle all household chores. But for these Filipino or Indonesian helpers, their mundane life might be a struggle itself, as in Chan Ho-lun Freddie's Beautiful Life.


Work Introduction

Very Fantastic
So Man-yee
Col / 08'00" / No dialouge and subtitles

Very Fantastic includes good ghosts and strange Hong Kong pre-war building. Through representing the odd special effect of Hong Kong streets and Chinese 9 square calligraphy paper, to show how "very fantastic" of the Hong Kong pre-war building and how importance to reserve Hong Kong own culture to be our heritage.

Devote Very Fantastic to my dearest dad, ma and grandma.

The 8th ifva Awards - Animation Category Gold Award

The Chronicle of a Drawing; the Footprints of Time
Wong Cheuk-hin George
Col / 09'43" / No dialouge and subtitles

This project is a continuation of previous experimentations which focus on the metaphysical and yet tangible qualities of time. Through a visual representation that is the other extreme of CG, the work protraits time's power in literally excapsulating space, story and memory. Through this work, one hopes to share one's belief that the past isn't a stumbling block but a stepping-stone to the future.

The 12th ifva Awards - Animation Category Gold award

Beautiful Life
Chan Ho-lun Fredie
Col / 25'30" / In Cantonese and English with Chinese and English subtitles 

Yayang, an Indonesian girl who works in Hong Kong, dreams to improve her life back home someday. Employed by a grassroots family, Yayang receives salary that is less than the minimum allowable wage. Despite the fact that she is underpaid, close bonding is developed between Yayang and the family. This puts Yayang in the dilemma of staying or quitting…

The 19th ifva Awards- Open Category Gold Award