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18th ifva Festival

Becoming 18 is a special turning point in one’s life, it signifies that one has reached adulthood and is capable of independent thought and autonomous action. In artistic endeavours it is often these two qualities that distinguish good from bad art. In the last 18 years, ifva has ceaselessly extended its artistic footprint and showcased various media creations. This year it will embrace the experimental spirit and take audiences along a dazzling visual journey. As in previous years, this year’s ifva will again showcase a specific theme, and this year’s focus is on experimental spirits. The opening films are legendary Hungarian computer animation pioneer Tamas Waliczky’s new work Adventures of Tom Tomiczky and world-renowned Japanese director Naomi Kawase’s CHIRI/Trace. Taking the audience outside of movie theatres, the Japanese creative team Open Reel Ensemble will perform a show that combines vintage open reel recorders with modern computer wizardry to create music that pushes the envelope of musical technologies. The Japanese new media artist Daito Manabe has long been a favourite among media art aficionados, and ifva will exhibit his interactive installations, which will surely cause a sensation. At the same time, we will feature several computer-generated videos created by Waliczky between 1986 and 2007 alongside with his recent interactive works, taking audiences on a retrospective that almost spans the entire history of new media art. Locally, media artist Ip Yuk-yiu has curated a programme entitled Lost Moments, which gathers the most important experimental films and videos from ifva over the years, and allows these almost forgotten works a chance to be appreciated anew. Also not to be missed is the main attraction of ifva, the 18th ifva Awards, in which we will screen and exhibit finalist works from the various ifva categories. ifva works tirelessly to cultivate boundary-crossing new art, and new and old fans should come and enjoy the full-slate of programmes we have prepared for you at the 18th ifva!


浏览节目 购票须知


十八,在人生中具特别意义,这标志着你/妳已是独立个体,应具独立的思考及执行能力。而艺术创作的优劣,往往取决于这两种能力。ifva 十八年来不断扩展艺术领域,带领大家翱游各种媒体;今年拥抱实验精神,由影像出发……

承接过去几年专题,今年聚焦实验作品,开幕电影是匈牙利传奇的电脑动画先锋Tamas Waliczky 的《汤姆力斯基历险记》和日本著名导演河濑直美的新作《尘》。再走出电影院,日本创意音乐组合Open Reel Ensemble 玩转旧式开盘磁带录音机,结合当今电脑科技,冲击新旧音乐技术界限。日本新媒体艺术家真锅大度,风靡万千媒体艺术新贵,是次展出他的互动装置,必有回响;同期亦展出Waliczky 多部1986 年至2013 年间的电脑影像创作,穿越艺廊,好比上一课媒体艺术史。回望我城,由媒体艺术家叶旭耀策划的《拾遗记》,展示一系列ifva 最重要的实验电影和录像创作,把一度被遗忘的创作地图重新展现。更不可错过每年重点节目「第十八届ifva 独立短片及影像媒体比赛」各组别入围作品放映与展览。 ifva 开辟跨媒介艺术园地,新知旧雨们,快来见证第十八届ifva 的成果!



瀏覽節目 購票須知


十八,在人生中具特別意義,這標誌著你/妳已是獨立個體,應具獨立的思考及執行能力。而藝術創作的優劣,往往取決於這兩種能力。ifva 十八年來不斷擴展藝術領域,帶領大家翱遊各種媒體;今年擁抱實驗精神,由影像出發……

承接過去幾年專題,今年聚焦實驗作品,開幕電影是匈牙利傳奇的電腦動畫先鋒Tamas Waliczky 的《湯姆力斯基歷險記》和日本著名導演河瀨直美的新作《塵》。再走出電影院,日本創意音樂組合Open Reel Ensemble 玩轉舊式開盤磁帶錄音機,結合當今電腦科技,衝擊新舊音樂技術界限。日本新媒體藝術家真鍋大度,風靡萬千媒體藝術新貴,是次展出他的互動裝置,必有迴響;同期亦展出Waliczky 多部1986 年至2013 年間的電腦影像創作,穿越藝廊,好比上一課媒體藝術史。回望我城,由媒體藝術家葉旭耀策劃的《拾遺記》,展示一系列ifva 最重要的實驗電影和錄像創作,把一度被遺忘的創作地圖重新展現。更不可錯過每年重點節目「第十八屆ifva 獨立短片及影像媒體比賽」各組別入圍作品放映與展覽。 ifva 開闢跨媒介藝術園地,新知舊雨們,快來見證第十八屆ifva 的成果!



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