About CINEMA 2.0



A joint venture with local media art curatorial initiative art.ware, CINEMA 2.0, an extended arm of ifva Festival since 2010, recognises new trends of converging technologies and embraces new hybrid approach of cinematic production. The term and concept signifies a transmedial practice of filmmaking that aims to experiment with new creative expressions and technologies of cinema. The shift in creation and perception of cinema suggests a future-oriented attitude, beyond mere technological advancement, in thinking, developing, producing and presenting cinema.

CINEMA 2.0 由本地媒體藝術策展單位 art.ware ifva 共同策劃,自2010 年起成為ifva 的延伸項目。CINEMA 2.0 肯定了不同科技融合的新趨勢。CINEMA 2.0 既是名稱也是一種概念,標誌著跨媒體電影創作的實踐,是進行嶄新創意表達手法的和電影科技的實驗。對電影創作與認識的轉變,並不單是技術上的進步,在構思、發展、創作以及呈現電影方面,更蘊含著展望未來的態度。

Contact / 聯絡: info@artware.hk