The 20th ifva Awards – Asian New Force Category Finalist Showcase

An Iranian girl missing her dad, Syrian kids living in displaced camps, Chinese mum fighting against pollution, Malaysian boy leaving his past behind… Ten Asian directors tell their stories through their own lenses.

20/3 (Thu) 7:15pm | agnès b. CINEMA | 182′ | HK$60 / $35* | With after-screening discussion
The Free Man
Quah Boon-lip
Malaysia / Col / 29′ 30″ / In Minnan and Mandarin with English subtitles

Upon being released on parole, A-Jie works in a laundry store. All he hopes for is to wash away his wrongdoings as he washes off the stains. However, he accidentally sees something, and this unspeakable secret eventually spins everything out of control…

The Baby
Ali Asgari
Iran / Col / 15′ 59” / In Persian with English subtitles

Narges and her friend have just a few hours to find someone to take care of her baby for some days.

Dad’s Fragile Doll
Ali Zare Ghanatnowi
Iran / Col / 15′ 14″ / In Persian with English subtitles

A young girl reconstructs events leading to her father’s imprisonment and execution, using dolls her mother has made.

Falling Land
Huang Zhenqian
China / Col / 13′ 32″ / In French and Chinese with English subtitles

Coal ash is condensed by time, only the landscape sculptured by the rhythm of nature remains.

International: Silent within Noise – An Account of the Chinese Animation
Xue Yanping
China / Col / 12′ 02″ / In Putonghua with Chinese and English subtitles

An animated documentary which depicts in-depth the development of Chinese animation in the 21st Century.

Cup Noodle
Cheong Chi-wai, Sie Hong-li
Macau / Col / 12 ’07″ / In Putonghua with Chinese and English subtitles

About two girls. About love and friendship. About instant noodles……

Where The Sky Ends
Jacki Berman Gilad Cohen
Israel / Col / 23′ 14″ / In Hebrew with Hebrew and English subtitles

Igor, Avner, Kipnis and Leon are residents in the Abarbanel Psychiatric Mental Hospital. They live and dream about the past; they live and dream about the future… day after day after day.

Ahmed Abdelnaser
Syria / Col / 10′ 00″ / In Arabic with English subtitles

The film portrays one of the scenes of Syrians and their children in displaced camps after their homes and schools have been damaged. Three years on the borders.

The Great Escape From Cafe City
John Hsu
Taiwan / Col / 17 ’08″ / In Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles

Jim lives a simple life – enjoying coffees, riding bikes and chatting with beautiful cafe waitresses. However, a dramatic occurrence turns everything upside down.

Endless Road
Jin Huaqing, Shi Xinjie
China / Col / 29′ 30″ / In Putonghua with Chinese subtitles

Yan’s mother did not take her daughter’s advice and kept reporting the pollution issues caused by a paper-making factory in the village, even after suffering the revenge.