Past Award Winning Titles — The 19th ifva Awards

Open Category
Gold Award

Beautiful Life 
Chan Ho-lun Fredie / 25′ 30” / In Cantonese and English with Chinese and English subtitles

Yayang, an Indonesian girl who works in Hong Kong, dreams to improve her life back home someday. Employed by a grassroots family, Yayang receives salary that is less than the minimum allowable wage. Despite the fact that she is underpaid, close bonding is developed between Yayang and the family. This puts Yayang in the dilemma of staying or quitting…

Silver Award

Yeung Yeung with Cows
Wong Cheuk-man, Law Wan-i, Law Hoi-ki, Leung Wing-sze, Tang Ka-hei
/ 24′ 49" / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

Yeung Yeung has been living with more than a hundred stray cows for years, and faces many problems, such as the supply of cow feed, the lack of grazing ground, stolen cows, medical problems, etc. Moreover, the documentary records her hopes and regrets in life.  

Special Mention

The Echoes of Circles
Lam Kin-hung Joel
/ 29′ 00" / In Japanese, Korean and Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

The Echoes of Circles tells the story of three people who receive strange text messages, and the three react to the messages in different ways. The images and the story interact with each other to form interesting collusions and associations. The Echoes of Circles attempts to transcend the conventions of narrative and non-narrative films, and plays with the mutual influence between images, language and text.

Invisible Rock
Chen King-yuen
/ 23′ 14" / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

Jacky, a film student, is working on his script and he tries to fuse his life experience into this creative work. A number of people show up in this journey, his long-lost and estranged mother Jade, a city-wandering lesbian Josephine and a self-embracing gay Joseph. While Jacky attempts to disentangle his complicated relationships with them, he comes to realise his dream, his memory and even his life has always been revolving around them. Sometimes they clash, sometimes they drift apart.

Youth Category
Gold Award

I am not a Superhero
Jonathan Tam
/ 21′ 00" / In Cantonese and English with Chinese and English subtitles

A story about a teenage superhero’s life in Hong Kong.

Silver Award

Yao Dao Police Call 
Wong Chun-pong
/ 14′ 58" / In Cantonese with no subtitles

This work centres on bullying in school, and gives detailed suggestions on how to solve such problems. The fight scenes are very realistic, and very close to real life bullying. These scenes are very captivating, but more importantly, the film teaches people that there are serious consequences to bullying.

Special Mention

Mok Chui-shan, Yip Tsz-ching, Kiang Tin-long, Lee Suet-ying, Yip Yuen-ting, Wong Ka-chun
/ 7′ 55" / In Cantonese with Chinese subtitles

In a dark and stormy night, a man suddenly finds himself tied up and kidnapped. He passes out, and when he comes round, he finds himself facing several burly men, who alternately threatens and tries to entice him into revealing his secrets. But can the man resist in the end?

Animation Category
Gold Award

Tale of Rebellious Stone 
Ng Kai-chung, Ng Tsz-ching
/ 13′ 21" / No dialogue and subtitles

A stone, with its unflawed surface, was carved and polished by beliefs and rules. Yet the core is raw. The more eager you try to smoothen it, the more eager it indulges itself. Its untamed nature is no longer to be restrained.

Silver Award

Hong Kong Station
Wong Wai-ho, Oscar Sheikh
/ 3′ 00" / No dialogue and subtitles

This work is set with the Hong Kong MTR as background, from the late 1970s when the subway was first built to now. Through all the things that had happened on every level of the subway, the state of society from each period is brought forth. The end of the short clip brings a little bit of joy to dreary, humdrum everyday life with a lightning-fast dance performance. 

Special Mention

Joe Kwun
/ 3′ 00" / No dialogue and subtitles

Once, while heading up a mountain to collect some medicinal herbs, a trembling puppy climbed on the back of the main character YETI. YETI reluctantly brought the puppy up the mountain, but on the way he noticed that the puppy climbed on his back simply to gain warmth. YETI put the puppy back on his back, realising a small action can turn into a great gift. From then on, YETI never criticised the external world and learned to care about others.

Blind Vision
Leecat Ho
/ 3′ 28" / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

This is a story about blind people. We have all met blind people before, but have we ever thought about how they live their lives? How do they perceive the world? How far can they go amid the darkness? Through the camera angle of animation, the audience can experience the blind’s perspective of vision – screen by screen, the images of the eye within’ of the blind are presented in this animation.

Interactive Media Category
Gold Award

The Mechanics of Shadows, Selva Days
Cedric Maridet

The Mechanics of Shadows, Selva Days simulates a real time artificial ecosystem controlling four robotised turntables with recordings from the Brazilian rainforest and projections of shadows of the mechanism from each machine. The composition of sounds and of movements of these turntables are controlled in real-time by a computer system based on the Lotka-Volterra equations that models the dynamics of population growth according to the prey or predator systems in which several species interact. Each turntable represents an animal species and behaves according to three different modes mapped from the equations: the tone arm either stands still, moves freely, or plays the record to create an immersive audiovisual experience.

Silver Award

Integrated Branching City
Fung Wing-lam, Ngai Po-yiu, Kwok Wan-ting, Choi Ka-man

Integrated Branching City is an installation that engages differences between viewers who may have different sensations of living in the city. In our research, we particularly referred urban disease patient’s electroencephalography (EEG) to symbolise our interpretation on the social disparting condition. The interactive space functions to use viewers’ EEG data to interrupt undesirable situations and reconstruct with empathy.

Special Mention

Cheuk Sze-wing Chloe, Wong Chi-chuen Kenny

Iris is responsive to the audience’s hand gestures when they put their hands inside a designated device. Their hands are then projected and detected by a sensor. After the gestures are scrutinised, Iris will respond according to an array of rules that audience may explore through communication. Since the installation will keep learning the input gestures, the video database of different combinations of movements will expand persistently and act more dynamically.

Asian New Force Category
Gold Award

Butter Lamp
Hu Wei / China / 15′ 00" / In Tibetain with English subtitles

A young itinerant photographer and his assistant suggest to Tibetan nomads to take their family pictures against diverse and more or less exotic backgrounds. Through these shots, the photographer will weave unique links with each of the various villagers.

Silver Award

Dreams in the Depths
Armin Isarian
/ Iran / 12′ 18" / In Persian with English subtitles

In June 2007, the tall walls were made around the borders of Gaza Strip, therefore the people of this region were surrounded by the sea and impenetrable walls. A young boy and his father in a tunnel under the border walls between Gaza strip and Egypt are waiting to bargain their goods with the people from another side of the walls. The boy wants to have a bicycle and his father tries to make excuses because of their circumstances.

Special Mention

The Poet and Singer
Bi Gan
/ China / 22′ 00" / In Guizhou dialect with Chinese and English subtitles

Chen Sheng and Bad Bean come to the river to wait for Hua Heshang. There, they see a wooden stake engraved with The Diamond Sutra. Chen Sheng guesses that when the wind blows, all sins will be redeemed.

The Questioning
Zhu Rikun
/ China / 20′ 30" / In Putonghua with English subtitles

On 24 July 2012, I drove to Xinyu, Jiangxi Province to cheer human rights activist Liu Ping and two other local independent candidates. They have been oppressed by the government and the police for taking part in the election and other human rights protection events. Before, there were some other people beaten by the police when they went there to cheer and support the candidates. While doing these things, we found ourselves tailed. At 12 o’clock at night, some policemen came to our room and started the so-called ‘room inspection’.

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