New Playable Art: Media Arts Exhibition

13/3 – 30/3 / 12nn – 8pm / Pao Galleries / Free Admission
© Tabor Robak and Team Gallery

Guest Curator: Dr. Olli Tapio Leino

New Playable Art showcases contemporary highlights from the overlap of interactive art, expanded cinema, and computer games, by digital natives grown up in computer game worlds.

Between the frivolity of play and the solemnity of fine art, New Playable Art explores the overlap of computer games and art. Brooklyn-based game artist Tabor Robak enlarges the gaming experience of chaos of explosions and blood splatter, and collects the virtual world’s sumptuous treasure stones in the reality, so as to reflect on game culture today. Game research and designer Douglas Wilson inspires our reflection in another way by blending the joy of high-tech games and low-tech pastimes. Try rock climbing on a full-body dance mat or playing around with a music-enabled motion game.


Panel discussion

14/3 (Fri) / 5:30pm / Screening Theatre M1052, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, City University of Hong Kong / Free Admission / Conducted in English

For those who want to hear more and exchange ideas with Tabor Robak, Douglas Wilson and guest curator Olli Tapio Leino, from scholars and artists to media arts students and general public, don’t miss the artists discussion! Please register online

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