Past Award Winning Titles — The 17th ifva Awards

Open Category
Gold Award

Lai Yan-chi Mo / 30′ 00" / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles
Grandpa and granddaughter from Tsoi Yuen Village travel to the city, trying hard to preserve collective memories that are quickly eroding away. They stroll alongside the ex-Legislative Council building, pondering upon what used to be the Star Ferry and Queen’s Pier.

Meeting of the Half Moons
Ng Ho-yin / 19′ 40" / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles
A man believes that the hospital staff is responsible for his father’s death; a woman is accused of causing the death of someone else’s father; the rest proclaim their innocence. All hold onto proof’s that justify their reasoning, but no one can offer a complete picture!

Silver Award

Wrong Dial
Cheuk Wan-chi / 4′ 30" / In Cantonese with no subtitles
He is a Primary Four young kid.
She is an adult woman.
A series of wrong dialing brought the two together in a most fitting way.

Special Mention

The True Story of Ah Poon
Tsim Ho-tat, Suen Ching, Lam Hon-fung, Chak Hoi-ling / 29′ 57" /  In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles
Ah Poon is a man of strong principles, and adopts LU Xun’s quote of “Fierce-browed, I coolly defy a thousand pointing fingers” as his motto. When he gets into a fight with school authority because of something written by his daughter, he takes his daughter away in rage. Is Ah Poon right or wrong?

Youth Category
Gold Award

Szeto Wing-yin, Cheng Chi-hong, Li Yui-hon / 10′ 59" / In Cantonese with Chinese subtitles
Death is no way to reflect on the meaning of life. One has to live to ascertain truth.

Silver Award

Talk to Bear
Tse Cheuk-fung, Poon Lok-wan / 4′ 54" / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles
A time in the future when everybody owns a TELE-TALK BEAR that helps to relate messages to specific targets. Unfortunately Ah Fung’s TELE-TALK BEAR is out of order and brings about a lot of miscommunications. After this, Ah Fung realizes that communication is not merely the transmission of words……

Special Mention

Final Fantasy XVII
Szeto Wing-yin / 10′ 31" / In Cantonese with no subtitles
No dramatic flow of a typical story, no twist and bend of an exciting plot, it is just a matter of being there for you.

The Love of Unforgettable
Lai Ka-ho, Lee Sze-long, Katherine So Cheuk-nam, Lin Hung-hing, Lok Chui-lun, Tang Yuen-ying / 19′ 39" / In Cantonese with Chinese subtitles
Yan leaves home after a big quarrel with her mother and gets acquainted with a mysterious man in black. Who is this man then keeps following Yan? What are his motives?

The Ascension
Stanley Leung, Gershon Sng, Matthew Tung, William Hall-Jones / 6′ 30" / No dialogue and subtitles
When a beggar comes upon an estranged box with a power to change his life for the better, he demonstrates this ability to other beggars. However, to his horror, upon witnessing the box’s power, the others plot against him to obtain it. Eventually, they realize that the box is more than what it seems. What follows leaves the group in pure and utter awe.

Animation Category
Gold Award

Within Within
Sharon Liu / 3′ 29" / In English with no subtitles
“There are many things we cannot choose in life, no one can choose their parents. You have to learn to love them before knowing them.”
My graduation film is about my personal feelings to Hong Kong and its complicated relationship with China. It expresses what I really want to say and feel at the age of 23, that I love not just my birth place Hong Kong but my country as well.

Silver Award

Lau Kwun-yiu, Johnee / 8′ 40" / In Cantonese with English subtitles
GALAMAN is a super hero of armpit and he is facing his largest crisis – Nobody clicks the “Like” button in his Facebook page! His battle of fighting for “Likes” starts…
One day, a monster attacked Hong Kong. Man rose up his armpit and transformed himself into a super hero, GALAMAN!
Armpit is no more a body part to feel embarrassed and shame with. Raise your armpit and welcome the age of GALA!

Special Mention

Demon Kills
Mak Ying-ping / 4′ 56" / In Cantonese with English subtitles
A boy confesses why he commits suicide at his school. Troubled by hallucinations of demons around him, he decides to stand up to the demons and exposes them. Only he has to bear with the consequences that come along. Bullied and isolated, the boy becomes more mentally unstable and goes into hiding. Upon discovering more demons lurking in the city, he decides to find out where these devils come from and embarks on a journey into the far north wilderness.

Interactive Media Category
Gold Award / Best Concept

Unreserved: Karaoke as Choir
Wong Yu-hin, Lam Chi-fai
Do we have any relations with the lonely urban singers? When terms like “relational aesthetics”, and “site-specific” become popular jargons in art theory, this work want to give “person specific” a try by enabling participants to pair up with a street singer to create a chorus indirectly and then place the chorus back to the streets.

Silver Award

Jsut Code
Winnie Soon, Helen Pritchard

Jsut Code is a collaborative installation in which participants are invited to decode electronic texts written and read by a collective of human and non human writers. Statements on life and death are gathered in real-time, from the social media site twitter and displayed as geometric images. Viewers encounter a continuously updating feed as the machine translates language into image and twitter message to QR code, each image “carries” a language of pattern and meaning.

Special Mention

Time Axis
Lam Miu-ling

Participants will watch their own silhouettes appearing and dissipating on paper. This installation combines the use of thermochromic paint and thermal printers to create the effect of fading image on paper: one is regular receipt paper and the other is custom thermochromnic paper. Images created on the thermochromic paper will disappear after a few sounds of being printed out.

Henry Chu
Squiggle is an iPad and iPhone app that allows user to make music while drawing a picture. It has a simple interface that has nothing more than colorful lines and a couple of buttons.

Asian New Force Category
Gold Award

Land of the Heroes
Sahim Omar Kalifa / Iraq / 17′ 31" / In Kurdish with English subtitles
1988, the conflict between Iraq and Iran is reaching its final stage. The ten-year-old Dileer and his sister Zienee want to watch cartoons on television, but that is easier said than done when bully Malo comes along…

Silver Award 

All The Lines Flow Out
Lim Yi-yong, Charles / Singapore / 21′ 00" / In English and English subtitles
All The Lines Flow Out takes the viewer through the monsoon drains of Singapore, drawing attention to the vast network of ‘longkangs’ (the local term for drains) which form an unintended map of the city state. The film charts the journey of a mysterious person who travels through the longkangs searching for a way home.

Special Mention

An Original Photocopy of Happiness
Dechen Roder / Bhutan / 23′ 08" / In Dzongkha with English subtitles
16-year-old Chuni sets out along in Thimphu town to find the name and identity of her father. Equipped with a small handicam, she bravely approaches different prominent men whom she “suspects” might be her father based on conversations with her mother. Through her encounters with her suspects, she finds out less about her father, and more about the overwhelming complexities of life.