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18th ifva Festival

Becoming 18 is a special turning point in one’s life, it signifies that one has reached adulthood and is capable of independent thought and autonomous action. In artistic endeavours it is often these two qualities that distinguish good from bad art. In the last 18 years, ifva has ceaselessly extended its artistic footprint and showcased various media creations. This year it will embrace the experimental spirit and take audiences along a dazzling visual journey. As in previous years, this year’s ifva will again showcase a specific theme, and this year’s focus is on experimental spirits. The opening films are legendary Hungarian computer animation pioneer Tamas Waliczky’s new work Adventures of Tom Tomiczky and world-renowned Japanese director Naomi Kawase’s CHIRI/Trace. Taking the audience outside of movie theatres, the Japanese creative team Open Reel Ensemble will perform a show that combines vintage open reel recorders with modern computer wizardry to create music that pushes the envelope of musical technologies. The Japanese new media artist Daito Manabe has long been a favourite among media art aficionados, and ifva will exhibit his interactive installations, which will surely cause a sensation. At the same time, we will feature several computer-generated videos created by Waliczky between 1986 and 2007 alongside with his recent interactive works, taking audiences on a retrospective that almost spans the entire history of new media art. Locally, media artist Ip Yuk-yiu has curated a programme entitled Lost Moments, which gathers the most important experimental films and videos from ifva over the years, and allows these almost forgotten works a chance to be appreciated anew. Also not to be missed is the main attraction of ifva, the 18th ifva Awards, in which we will screen and exhibit finalist works from the various ifva categories. ifva works tirelessly to cultivate boundary-crossing new art, and new and old fans should come and enjoy the full-slate of programmes we have prepared for you at the 18th ifva!