The 21st ifva Awards – Award Winning Titles

Open Category
Gold Award

The Sea Within
Wong Wai-nap
Col / 30′ 00″ / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

A fishermen couple having lived from boat to shore for most of their lives, and each with a view of one’s own. With the declining local fishing industry, the two struggles between reality and ideal. This is a story of my family, best enacted by my parents.

Silver Award

The Food Fascists
Yip Man-hay
Col / 30′ 00″ / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

Legendary chef Mo Yik-tin is notorious for turning animals into spectacular dishes – taste always rules over lives under the butcher’s knife. Mo’s perseverance on creating culinary dishes is respectful at the same time fearful, and that gives him the title “Food Fascist”.

Special Mention

Cheung Ho-lam
Col / 25′ 30″ / In Cantonese and Japanese with Chinese and English subtitles

Arisa, a female A.I. programmed by Yosuke, was actualised accidentally. Arisa knows that Yosuke turns into a coward when facing Yuki, the classmate he fancies, so she makes plans for him. Arisa is infected with computer virus and Yosuke fails to recover, so he decides to accomplish his love battle with his own hand.

From Beavis (M) to Beatrice (F) (Oct 2015 Edit)
Wong Suet-ling Beatrice
Col / 26′ 26″ / In Cantonese and English with English subtitles

My personal transgender documentary, from my coming out to my surgery, from male to female.

Youth Category
Gold Award

Yip Yuen-ching
Col / 13′ 40″ / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

Fifty years after Handover, Hong Kong media is under surveillance by the government. Familiar places turn foreign and strange. Cheung Jing, with her team OXYGEN, challenges the authority, and tries to awaken others to what is happening around. Her yearning for freedom is like a distant dream.

Silver Award

When the Sun Goes Down
Cheng Kui-sum, Wong Chun-lung
Col / 11′ 22″ / In Cantonese with Chinese subtitles

A pair of ex-lovers is wandering around the campus one random evening. She asks for more while he is afraid of revisiting the past. Love turns into doubt, he wonders if she is really coming back into his arms. Will he leave the past behind? Can we ever get back together again?

Special Mention

All I Want
Wu Tin-long
Col and B&W / 21′ 51″ / In Cantonese with Chinese subtitles

All I Want depicts several conflicts between a couple. He wants to be released from his repression, while she hopes to leave her emptiness behind. The immature couple takes advantage of each other to find their own peace of mind. Is this selfishness? An insult to love? Or have they torn away the mask of morality after all?

Keung Shing-lok
Col / 3′ 14″ / No dialogue and subtitles

When a simple whiteboard doodle becomes alive and sentient, it interacts with its creator and hilarity and mishaps ensue. Playtime is cut short, however, as a mysterious evil being suddenly springs in with only one intention: to bring chaos and destruction. It is now up to the doodled hero to save the day.

The Dormer
Ho Yui-chi Savio
Col / 9′ 11″ / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

We are all searching for a place with freedom
But once we get there
It may not be as beautiful as you have expected
Could there be anyone who does not yearn for his
own home
A place which really belongs to oneself

Youth Enthusiastic Award

HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity

Animation Category
Gold Award

Behind the Schoolbag
Ho Chun-yu
Col / 9′ 30″ / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

Behind the Schoolbag is a story about salvation of oneself. Shun has experienced painful days during his youth, so he deliberately keeps a distance from others. Living a stressful life, people nowadays is easy to suffer from all sorts of mental illness. Only through self-therapy can one live a life at present.

Silver Award

Shear Marks
Lam Ho-tak, Kwok Man-ho, Ng Kai-chung
Col / 8′ 42″ / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

The lines marked on the lamppost, which records the height of Chi, carry his childhood memories in the era of resettlement. The frivolous youthful days, the budding first love, the past with no regrets…mixed memories reappear in his mind’s eye, lighting up the innocence in his heart all over again.

Special Mention

Eye’m Free
Pau Ching-yee Louise
Col / 8′ 32″ / No dialogue and subtitles

In the near future, holographic goggles have substituted all electronic devices and those who could afford it become wholly dependent on it. Chuck is one of the devoted users and an incident leaves him deprived of the privileges. His classmate offers aid but things take a turn for the worse when she cooks up an inventive solution for him…

Mur Mur
Lo Hin-kit
Col / 2′ 40″ / No dialogue and subtitles

Earlier this morning, I attended a funeral. It was peaceful and calm.

Media Art Category

Gold Award

Ming Jing
Chan Kiu-hong / Hong Kong

Wherever you go, problems always follow, even to different parts of the world. One end of Ming Jing is a set of over nine hundred bowls, each with a magnetic bead inside. The other end is connected to an infrared detector at the entrance of a Beijing gallery. When triggered by passers-by, signals are transmitted to the local end with four amplifiers to vibrate the magnetic beads, creating a ripple-like effect.

Silver Award

Katsuki Nogami / Japan

Rekion (crepitation) in Japanese refers to the intraarticular crackling sound among joints of body parts such as neck and fingers. As for the output, the sound is audible through parametric speaker(supersonic wave speaker) with super directivity. The speaker is attached to the robot that synchronises with the movement of the face of the performer. Audience can listen to the sound of the joints directly with their bare ears.

Special Mention

voice from the root, reclaiming
Yip Kai-chun / Hong Kong

In the past two years, I had asked my father to teach me his mother tongue Hakka with a recorder in an impromptu way. Together with recordings of conversations with his relatives and friends, I jotted down notes in codes of Cantonese, Mandarin, English and self-invented symbols. The recordings are transposed to a TV set and two speakers. Audience can listen to the dialogues between me and my father and learn Hakka together.

Emerging Talent Award

The Elusive
Siu Wai-hang / Hong Kong

I believe we can understand humanity fromlandscape, even though the truth is always partially hidden and blocked. We must bypass these obstacles to see the truth (or desire). I created a mechanical device to catch and reconstruct the identity bit by bit, something I have long been searching for but always find elusive.

Asian New Force Category

Gold Award

Shamik Sen Gupta, Pallavi MD
India / Col / 18′ 08″ / In Indian with English subtitles

During a game of hide ‘n’ seek, 3-year-old Murli hides in an auto rickshaw and falls asleep. He wakes up in a different neighbourhood with an angry man shouting at him. But Murli can’t understand him and just wants his mother. The angry man grudgingly sets out to take him back home.

Silver Award

Sharokh Dolkou
Iran / Col / 25′ 41″ / In Persian with English subtitles

A man and a woman. A café. And talking about a problem. 

More to reveal: the man’s wife has been cheating on him, so he is telling his wife’s sister about it.

Special Mention

The Translator
Emre Kayis
Turkey / Col / 23′ 03″ / In Kurdish with English subtitles

Yusuf, 13-year-old refugee boy, lives in a small Turkish border town. One of the things that excites his alienated life is a 15-year-old girl who always appears in his dream and has no interest in him. One day she comes and asks for his help which gives Yusuf the power to choose between using his power wisely or abusing it.