ifva+ Igniting the Sparks of Creativity

Jockey Club ifva Everywhere ifva+ Seminar III: How Great Youth Is

Crate with courage and follow your inner voices. Igniting creativity with sparks of youth, new generation creative talents make their own world with the wildest imagination and most down-to-earth care and concern. Their films are those of belief and perseverance.

Without any burdens, they will shape the future of Hong Kong cinema, telling audiences their beloved stories from their own coming of age. Creation is no longer a game, but sparks to shed light on the road ahead.

The four young men from PlayTime develop their own creative space through performance, moving images, online music, etc., pursuing their dreams with a relaxed manner.

Lo Chun-yip (Siuyea) employs image media to articulate issues of his concern, explore different possibilities and values, reflect upon the current style of living, and then construct the new generation’s coming of age story.

Youth will eventually fade away, but creativity shall linger on.

Date: : 9 April 2016 (Sat)
Venue: agnès b. CINEMA
Time: 7:30pm
Guests: PlayTime, Lo Chun-yip (Siuyea)

Jockey Club ifva Everywhere ifva+ Seminar II: Back to the start, let’s talk about screenplay

Let’s take a break from talking about indie filmmaking and social media, which we did in our first seminar. This time we will go back to where it all started. Grab your pencil and paper – it’s time to do some screenplay writing!

The first step is the hardest. The most important element prior to the rolling of camera is always the screenplay. The screenplay is the passport to lead you to investors, cast and crew, and eventually your audiences in cinemas. Jockey Club ifva Everywhere ifva+ Seminar II is honoured to have Mr. Saville Chan (screenwriter of She Remembers, He Forgets and lyrist) and Mr. Philip Yung (director of Port of Call and film critic) to share with us the ups and downs on the road of screenwriting.

Date: 10 Dec 2015 (Thur)
Venue: Hong Kong Arts Centre agnès b. CINEMA
Time: 7:30pm
Moderator: Ernest Chan
Guests: Saville Chan, Philip Yung

Jockey Club ifva Everywhere ifva+ Seminar I: Screening Platforms of the Times

Date: 12 Nov 2015 (Thur)
Venue: Hong Kong Arts Centre agnès b. CINEMA
Schedule: 19:30
Moderator: Eric Poon
Guests: Yau Hawk-sau (Mocking Jer), Leung Chung-man (G.V.A. Creative)

The popularity of social media and online platforms has changed the habits and film viewing experiences of the audience. With an inner fire sparked off by their creative drive, artists have overcome difficult production circumstances and broken through constraints in subject matters, venues and resources, without compromising their artistic visions. What supports them from within is that they cherish the communications with audience through their films.

ifva+ Seminar I has invited Yau Hawk-sau (Battle at the Lion Rock), the brain behind Mocking Jer, and Leung Chung-man (Gwangong VS Alien) of G.V.A. Creative. The online hit rates of these two titles even outnumbered the attendance of mainstream motion pictures. Both being ifva Awards finalists, how do they manage to create independent platforms outside of conventional screening channels? How do they keep their voices throughout their creative journeys? Two new generation artists will share their experiences.