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.:.: 歐洲動畫作品選:安錫佳作

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23/3 / 7:30pm / agnès b. CINEMA
Beta / 83mins


安錫國際動畫影展與Parisfx攜手為香港觀眾呈獻過去兩年紅爆歐洲及法國的優秀動畫作品。這批作品內容多樣,既有幽默小品、旅遊短片;也有向傳統卡通致敬之作,還有虐待兒童這一敏感題材。不少得的是榮獲安錫評審特別獎、Anita Killi執導的《Angry Man》。


Parisfx是法國另一觸目活動,聚焦數碼視覺效果、動畫特技;以及在電影、電視、廣告及電子遊戲中的三維動畫。活動吸引了知名製片廠如DreamWorks及Marvel Studios前來參與。

BARGETON Benoît, LASFAS Yannick, FROMENT Rémy, GRACIA Nicolas / 8’25”

A playful and rather perverted child causes trouble on an alien planet where order and steadiness reign.
Prizes: Special Jury Award, Annecy 2009

SOCHA Michal / 5’00”

A humorous true-life story about male-female relations. A man giddy with the charm of a female fatale.
Prizes: Sacem Award for original music, Annecy 2009

Madagascar, carnet de voyage
DUBOIS Bastien / 12’00” / 法語對白,無字幕

Recounting the journey of a western traveller confronted with Madagascan Famadihana traditions.
Prizes: "CANAL+ creative aid" Award for a short film Annecy 2009

Pat et Stan "Jour de bain"
COFFIN Pierre, ALLARD Marco / 7’00” / 法語對白,英文字幕

It's April 11th: bath day for Stan, who loathes it. Pat, partner of the lazy Jean-Luc, will use every trick possible to wash Stan.
Prizes: Special Award for a TV series, Annecy 2009

L'homme à la Gordini (The Man in the Blue Gordini)
LIE Jean-Christophe / 10’00”

In an imaginary suburb at the end of the 1970s, it's customary to wear neither underpants nor trousers, only orange tops. With the help of a masked insurgent in a blue Gordini R8, Mr R and his wife are preparing a radical clothing revolution.
Prizes: "Jean-Luc Xiberras" Award for a first film, Annecy 2009 / Jury Junior Award for a short film, Annecy 2009

HAUGOMAT Tom, MANGYOKU Bruno / 5’45”

Jean-François is a swimming champion nostalgic for his childhood spent beside the sea.
Prizes: "Jean-Luc Xiberras" Award for a first film, Annecy 2010

Love & Theft
HYKADE Andreas / 6’49”

"And I'm still carrying the gift you gave, it's a part of me now, it's been cherished and saved, it'll be with me unto the grave and then unto eternity." (Bob Dylan)
Prizes: Sacem Award for original music, Annecy 2010

STEFFEN Angela / 5’49”

A little girl finds the whole world in a leaf.
Prizes: Special Distinction, Annecy 2010

Je te pardonne (I Forgive You)
MOUSQUET Pierre, CAUWE Jérôme / 4’53”

Two wrestlers argue, scrap and forgive each other.
Prizes: "CANAL+ creative aids" Award, Annecy 2010

Sinna mann (Angry Man)
KILLI Anita / 20’00”

About secrets that should remain secret.
Prizes: Special Jury Award, Annecy 2010 / Unicef Award, Annecy 2010 / Audience Award, Annecy 2010 / Chicago Intl Children's FF, Adult Jury Prize - Animated Short / Prix du public, Prix du meilleur film d'animation, festival de Clermont-Ferrand 2010