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Q1:  What is the application deadline and the due date for submitting my work?

Q2:  Should my entry reach the ifva office on or before 5 November 2010 if I submit it by post?

Q3: What if I missed the deadline?  Would the ifva extend the deadline or accept late entries?

Q4:  What is the procedure for filling out the application?

Q5:  Can I enter more than one work to the ifva?

Q6:  If several people of different age category collaborated on the work, which category should I enter it in?

Q7:  What is the definition of entrant?

Q8:   When will the finalists be announced?

Q9:  When will the final results be announced?

Q10:  I don't seem to be receiving confirmation emails. What's the problem?

Q11: If my film has had a public screening or submitted to previous ifva competition, is it still eligible for the 16th ifva competition?




Q1:  If I used music, images or clips whose copyright belong to other parties, do I have to obtain their consent?

Q2:  Should I get written consent?  Will verbal consent do?

Q3:  If I used a piece of music belonging to other people, how do I know who owns the copyright, and how do I get their consent?

Q4:  Do I need to pay copyright fees?

Q5:  Can I use music that I downloaded or purchased from the Internet?

Q6:   Are there other ways to purchase appropriate music for my work?

Q7:  If I had used images or film clips belonging to a third party in my work, what should I do about obtaining copyright?

Q8:   How do I find out more about copyright laws in Hong Kong?






community tour

Q1:   How do I sign up to attend the ifva community tour?


ifva Festival

Q1:   When will the ifva Festival be held this year?



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